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Gold Sentintel is the leading provider in deploying cutting edge technologies for improved quality of care for elders while delivering a safer, more efficient  workplace for front-line workers. Employing the latest in non-visual sensor technology coupled with artificial intelligence, Gold Sentintel recognizes "triggering events" - those which place residents and front line workers in jeopardy - and sounds alerts & alarms as prescribed. 


Founded by technology and risk management professionals, Gold Sentintel delivers a robust technology solution. Our initial target application for this technology is the Retirement and Long Term Care (LTC) industry.

Situational Monitoring, Analysis & Response Technology  (SMART™)  is built into our flagship product ElephasCare™  which respects the privacy and dignity of both residents and the professionals caring for them.


We've built our solutions by closely listening to front-line healthcare professionals and understanding their needs & concerns. We use artificial intelligence platforms to learn behaviour  and respond immediately when detected triggering events occur.


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Our Technology

At Gold Sentintel, our patented comprehensive technology solutions take advantage of dynamic artificial intelligence platforms including both supervised learning and deep machine learning from sophisticated proprietary algorithm libraries. 

Our ElephasCare™ solution relies on a wide range of non-visual monitoring  technologies and reporting features that were created with an aim to help elevate quality of care and longevity for residents of retirement, assisted living and long term care homes while creating efficiencies and improved working conditions for healthcare workers. 


 In addition to delivering a safer  environment for residents with improved outcomes for those at risk; our 24/7 SMART™ monitoring helps facility operators meet regulatory requirements;  generates comprehensive management reports; and contributes to  ongoing training to better handle our aging demographic as their cognitive abilities begin to deteriorate.

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An Industry in Crisis

As the population requiring care continues to outpace available beds, and regulatory bodies which oversee funding of LTC continue to tighten the qualifications for subsidies - operators are desperate for tools that allow them to provide quality care with less staff, and improve their ability to compete for scarce staffing by providing a safer, more efficient work environment.

Currently, more long term care workers are leaving the sector than entering it. The chronic shortage of front-line workers leaves technology as the only viable resource to monitor occupants of these environments to initiate response to - and maintain records of - a myriad of concerns including fall detection & fall recovery, bed restlessness, toileting frequency and duration, gait anomalies, respiration rate, heart rate and body temperature.


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"Everyone has the right to both live and work in a safe environment"


Greg Dalton, Founder

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"Everyone has the right to both live and work in a safe environment."