Founded by technology and risk management professionals, ElephasCare™ LTC is a robust technological solution to very human-focused challenge being faced by the eldercare industry and our society at large. ElephasCare™ LTC was inspired by the compassionate social structures of elephant herds. Our comprehensive safety solution has been configured in an overarching effort to better care for aging loved ones and help create overall safer workplaces for healthcare professionals.

Currently, we are addressing the elephant in the room of the eldercare industry. 



Everyone has the right to work and live in a safe environment.

Our mission is two-fold. Improving the life and care of seniors living with dementia while simultaneously empowering and supporting the incredible health teams who care for those residents.

There is a necessary and redirecting undercurrent going on in the eldercare world. We are here to help long term care homes provide residents living with dementia the elevated and dignified care they deserve.

Walk with Walking Aid

Our Journey So Far



Founder Greg Dalton begins to explore solutions to the eldercare crisis, looking for ways to safely and effectively monitor residents and staff of LTC facilities while maintaining dignity and privacy. Partnering with Conestoga College Capstone Project, Greg begins to navigate the challenges and barriers of this type of monitoring solution.



Shortly after conception of Gold Sentintel, Chris Lehman joins Gold Sentintel as Co-founder and the company begins its relationship with UofW to propel research of its remote monitoring solution.

Herd of Elephants

The elephants' respect for the elderly herd members is something else human beings could learn from, says Anthony. "Old elephants tend to get dementia and are very slow. But the young treat them with the utmost respect and devotion - when an elderly relative can't scrape the bark off branches to eat any more, his sons and nephews lead him to marshes or swamps where the leaves are softer. When he's too weak to stand, they guard him to protect him from lions or hyenas.”

- The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony